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but really it's supposed to be a dsl anyway so i can do whatever the fuck i want

also i chose to do this without learning anything about lisp. i know the basic ideas and that it's full of parenthesis. that's all. everything else is left for creative fuckups

basically it's the shittiest lisp interpreter ever made behind a vcv rack panel. it absolutely does not work

tired: enum { A(f32), B(String) }

wired: *30 lines of disgusting c++ that crashes*

lewd shitpost 

i guess i could ask them to refund me a bit of that since they seemed okay with making the move "free" through their other migration service, though do i really want to spend hours emailing people for a 10$ refund

of course the assholes billed me for the "manual" migration between two buckets. which equals to deleting every object in one and reuploading it to the new bucket, turning every object less than 90 days old into additional cost

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