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i'm going to forward it publicip:22 and change the proxy's ssh port

or install it on the proxy and share ssh. sacrificing isolation 👌

*installing gitea*
ohhhhhhhh right i need a free ssh port..

*deletes vm*

i just noticed there's no raid on this machine

hey let's improve backups

so my debian jessie hypervisor that i would rather not move to stretch yet, cannot create stretch images, and it's terrible

uptime: 904 days
i will never reboot

oof i have to go out but i don't want to, also i really have to, also i have no clean pants left, and it's too late now oh well i'll do it monday i guess, anyway i ate too much and now feel sick,

im tired pls send estrogen

i can identify any x-files episode by hearing the first 45 seconds ama

Contract Term: 6 month(s)

oooooh fuck me that's 360€ just wasted

also i'm replacing a 60€/month server with a 9€/month vps it's nice

it had 100mbps unmetered with a 1 gbps link but the cpu was bad and i'm suspecting something else was wrong because disk access was dramatically slow on both disks

i'm finishing ipv6 on one vpn server and i can finally move on with my migration to openvpn 2.4

eyyy wait this block is minuscule

there's barely 65536 addresses

*waiting on ticket for two days* huh it's really slowing me down, this thing

*f5* fuc. 40 minutes

registered on quora a few days ago and now they're dropping cursed questions into my inbox

did i already say getting a code signing certificate bothers me.

i think we have one but i have to *ask*

how many would you need to precisely identify a account. i guess like 3 or 4. one of the many things that should not worry me but do

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