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i turned a lamp on and my main monitor got black for a few seconds

cables are close but it's a big shielded hdmi and the the monitor has its own dc power supply that should protect for any slight input voltage variation, even if somehow my ups got weaker at handling peaks

and it'a s fucking 20W lamp how is this possible

ah now youtube is notifying me with recommended videos

been years since i had reliable notification about anything on there, and i never asked for recommendations

what the fuck went wrong with youtube did they just replace all the notification management by something that sends you random shit

remember when moronic white bois were butthurt thinking youtube was only sending notification for poc and lgbt+ people

notification on youtube are one bad fuckup

hey try letting open for like 30 minutes
maybe try multiple times or with a few tabs, who knows what could happen

@Elizafox A science museum, but it's a lesbian bar called "The Double Slit Experiment"

what if your browser then replaces systemd and has background tabs and then becomes a kernel running javascript apps

ahh no okay i see what you all understood

i meant making a fullscreen browser a functional replacement for a regular window manager/compositor, including the stuff that adapts native apis or renders regularly and display in a tab. possibly replacing xorg too.

how much work would it take to make a fullscreen browser a decent window manager

eyethink, i think, :eyethink: .

the big judgment eyes and the scratchy thinking hands

truly me

let's make git but based on a blockchain and federated

we'll call it git

as i watch this become my new most popular toot, i have a very serious fact to announce:

you're all furries

[death grips's no love deep web playing loudly in the background]

this pg server has
11 instances
390,845 accounts (134,853 local)
42,195,418 statuses (4,421,980 local)

give me a fish and you won't feed me for a day, teach me to fish and i'll get depressed

honestly tho game captchas are a fucken terrible idea

1. computers are much better than humans at it, it's just about the time it'd take someone to try breaking it

2. it's even more hard and time-consuming than a regular captcha. it's about an optimized way to tell humans from robots, i say it's a failure.

3. we will end up feeding chess moves into a magical neural net that chooses whether or not it looks human, you all see this coming right

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