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im not fucking around i am hungry and i will kill you for this slice of pizza. fly away

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back home soon huck yea im gonna hit the bong like its detrimental to capitalism

🇲🇬 school system, eu imperialism 

the Malagasy public school curriculum is literally written by the european union

it's always been the power, not some rare skills. ceo's get the wall and nothing will be missed but toxic overpaid pieces of shit

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i just read that an ai is ceo and id like to remind everyone you can successfully replace most genius traders by a coin toss

i can feel it now. i dreamt i lost my doggy slippers

'your second pair of glasses for 1€' buddy we know you make enough margin on the first one to afford this once in a while. perish

Ukraine politics, USA politics 

Today’s the day that Democracy Now! mentions the Azov Regiment without stating that they’re a Nazi militia receiving USA weapons.

We’ve quietly crossed a line.

the most disappointing part of science, after the lack of funding, and the horrifying biases and purposeful ignorance, is that it's mostly fucking useless. someone will research a thing, eventually it gets patented, and in the absolute last recourse it's Used. but certainly not turned into a common

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in twenty years we'll have companies announce 'we found a new way to avoid killing people for x element! And it's even more efficient!' and turns out we'll have known for half a century but capitalism works thru investment so it was just laying there until a business was financially pushed because they have done too much damage to the resource (it happens every day)

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Great Replacement is real in a few decades white people and cis people will be extinct. hurry up if you want to take your share of blood!!

please i need a steam deck so i can play euro truck simulator on the long road trip

@CobaltVelvet south african chromium mines, accounting for 48% of the world's supply and leaving behind ecological shitpiles of pollutants, essential for any 'technologically advanced societies' out there to avoid the indignity of steel that rusts

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