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So I guess what happened was that rich guy Elong Mutt's girlfriend broke up with him because his space sex wasn't working out and he hates nouns so people were making fun of him on a bird website and he sold a bunch of his dogs coins to buy it. Pretty fucked if you ask me.

lol i can bend this nail 90 degrees both ways without breaking it. its actually not great because it makes it extra likely to get snapped in half

I’ve said it before but it’s not our job to watch you self-flagellate, and it’s certainly not our job to offer you some kind of absolution.

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If you’re white & your family raised you in a racist environment and you’ve subsequently had to unlearn a lot of toxic shit, that’s the kind of thing you talk to your therapist about, NOT your POC friends

sorry i cant come to the murder tonight ill get so wet it might leave evidence. best of luck tho

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people when asbestos can give you chronic lung diseases: 😱​😱​😱​

people when covid can give you chronic lung diseases: 😴​😴​😴​

caps, #np 



> $USNaN in €NaN.

fintech is really at the technological edge of things

so anyway i ordered that 96% ethanol polish spirit. should be perfect

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even in very small amounts. and pure isopropanol so no worse stuff in it, its prolly not a great idea. best of luck,

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reddit thread: where can i find pure ethanol in here?
reddittor: just drink isopropanol buddy :)

god , redditors

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cant believe they have this polish vodka spirit on japanese amazon and not french amazon

i love to create dangerous situations for the sole purpose of making bootleg liquor more expensive

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compromise : you can get the non toxic alcohol with added toxic bits for cheap, since it would probably kill you

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they will literally let you buy a huge jar of the toxic alcohol for cheap, but the non toxic one will be twice as expensive and require you to be a registered business

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this country is so funny you need a special authorisation to buy pure ethanol

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