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under communism the people get to share the one big spotify family plan and dictate the acceptable price

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i think any court would agree that my mother, fifteen non binary lovers, and thirty two pets of various species including humans, would constitute a 'household'. i swear to god if you delete my family acc

"You want to be using" i hate this saying. just say 'use' instead of this mess

i clicked this thumbnail for 'bisexual hair' and i am not ashamed of it

Someone carved the alphabet into a tree and let it deform for five years and made a font out of it:

"woke" used as an epithet, cultural appropriation, anti-Blackness 

the word "woke" was made by Black Americans to describe a Black American experience of the system of white supremacy.
the white right use it as a slur at 100% face value, because they are being overtly anti-Black. white liberals "reclaim" it because they are wilfully ignorant of its specific cultural origin. between the two, this is like a microcosm of how whiteness teams up to semantically defuse Black revolutionary vocabulary.

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singing in the distance 

and i do it right back AND I DO IT RIGHT BACK

it's Catchy. pog

'every cis person has been turned inside out overnight? huh. interesting. i wonder what will happen tomorrow'

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you can wait a few years before doing it and watch what happens. it's fine

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when i die all my followers get a bone and it starts a side quest where the earth is haunted until you throw all of them into sagittarius a*

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my favorite musicians? also the friends i made along the way

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god please yeet me into sag a*. we even have matching names

i love it when i pass by the big dehumidifier and it lifts my skirt with hot air

i should record myself sucking on my toes for non kink and non commercial purposes

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extremely flexible as soon as i feel like teeth would be more efficient than nails at any task

and really this is the plot of hackers 1995, which is a good movie and a good plot, and has the right conclusion about 'hackers'. if you're real the politics will run into you

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