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i would never trust a god that i can't harass on twitter

every time i read a bit of usa propaganda i become more of a tankie. not immune to it but absorbing its power

chasing a post down the live timeline to hit its fav button

the entire centimeter of resin in my lungs acts as a secondary immune system, safely filtering out covid

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with that much estrogen and cannabinoids in my blood and lungs i am basically immune

morning alternating between bob ross and hardbass. i'm going somewhere idk where

i have a wolf plushie that was supposed to arrive two weeks ago. apparently it finally reached france through belgium (from the uk)

thisis for making fun of the sex arses

oh my arm hurts because of the vaxine quick someone needs to pee on me

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fucked up that i never got a vice article for anything

a good day is when the transphobia was administrative only :fingerguns:

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yea i love drinking piss (for SEX REASONS i am not one on those weirdoes)

hzppy because i saw a cat drinking at the fountain

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