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(staring into a mirror)
a am a demon. i am a satanic plot. i am the end of christian values. i will not cum before the cishet is cold


vs code was haunted since my computer crashed in a weird way. don't worry i have the computers under control and we're getting back to work

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accidentally pushed buttons and my computer pasted code that could not have been in the clipboard in the last weeks, and inserted it vertically over multiple lines right in the middle

love to fold my legs under my skirt and keep all that hot air contained and around me

lmao reading an Open Source issue discussion and it's just two contributors fighting. happy to read user b needs to apologize for whatever now can everyone fuck off and fix the thing. three years ago

20% of the work in two weeks 80% in two nights normal scheduling

cats: have a million toys
cats: zoomie with a painkiller cardboard


peeling the skin off my finger with a knife 'it was annoying'

i see a colorful hair twink and my heart instantly falls out

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(watching a random dj set on youtube, pointing at one of the djs) i kin this one

amazon announces its new ai that will take over the world (a well lubed up jeff bezos in a large metal egg)

turns out i do know how to speak german but only if i'm making a joke in my head

first off i don't even care about getting access to a copy of straight christian marriage, it's a mess designed to own women. abolish it for all i care. secondly it means you can backpedal or ignore the rest because the cisgays get to marry which is. quite widespread

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it does feel all kinds of fucked up to put 'marriage' as the peak of 'LGBT rights'

sorry i spent all my energy for the day cooking this here hamburger .

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