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tiny cat is sleeping on my pillow, next to my head. i love her

i have that stuck in my head and its okay because it's very good

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hey by the way i updated my bio. now the pronouns are separated by | so it doesn't look like declensions so much. and a is first instead of anecdotal

i want to buy an ancient thicc laptop and fill it with raspbnerry pies

googling every other word because i can't remember if "extrayez" is a real word or if i'm missing one or three random consonants

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who wants to do
translating documentation (not paid)

i hesitated to schedule the click. that was like five days ago.

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"wait 24h and click on that link in the following 24h window" is the worst account deletion yet. dude i have adhd do you realize the amount of logistics behind this

(you walk through a large triangular door and corridor)
for your enemy destroyed leave a bag of sativa along with their name. for a wish granted leave a bag of indica along with the wish

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im sure if i was as famous as tillie i'd make billions in feet pics and various merch

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regular reminded that i am taking donations in cryptocurrencies to fund cyber terrorism and vegetals to fund my and whatever else you got

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