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haha it's not my fault it's the Law. that i am directing on you. but i'm good!!! noo don't look at the power imbalance

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if you tell someone 'it would be a shame to ruin your life over' you're a coward. do your death threats directly

stop saying bezos will die it's getting my expectations up

if we're not mutuals and you think my post is about you it says more about you than me, good luck with that

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if you're an anarchist and talking about working together makes you overflow with rage maybe you're a libertarian?

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messed up how anarchists will get so angry about communists. and for what

exploring the internet searching for a worthy enemy. to develop tension and fall in love with

so much powerful hardware that gets ordered in bulk mistreated and literally burnt down. i cant even afford one 1 unit

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bad, foreskin lamp 

can i have a horse version

sometimes favs mean 'it's very bad but this is why i'm here. thank you'

alice can have a smol botnet as a threat, to attack the fash (and redistributed profit :eyethink: )

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im horny and i can't sleep. and im thinking i really should make a cool computer virus (malicious) one of those days they're getting so repetitive and boring. also a biological one (harmless) later but im pretty far from that in knowledge and means so

i think nft's are good, because they permit extracting capital from the rich with very little effort. but on the other hand, the efficiency of the great guillotine is hard to even approach. so in conclusion the rich should be processed into paste and made into collector cards or figurines

i wish i had an evil twin for gay reasons. or would i be the evil one

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