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(in a standoff) push the trigger.. (my enemy pushes the trigger away from them, propelling the bullet backwards and killing them instantly) huh

love to get up and hear the food being ready. consciously i had no idea it was 10 minutes. theoretically the oven was set on 10 minutes +/- 2 minutes. practically i'm lucky

i would like to visit this building please (taipei 101)

also "world's largest and heaviest tuned mass dampers, at 660 metric tons"

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post lore 

that site that smugly said 'disable javascript to continue'. fuck you do it yourself you're the computer. you start wanting to show who knows what, accidentally demosntrate that people cant easily toggle javascript, and end up making a site without javascript that is somehow more annoying to visit than any ad filled javascript mess.

i dont know what the exact point of that was and i prolly never will. i'm not opening developer tools for some fossbro's latest quirky way of partaking in a thirty years old argument. that's my point

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if a computer asks me something that is by all manners easier to do for the computer i will get angry. like on principle

my favorite comfort food is looking at an empty fridge. no hard choice to make

if you respect people you will hold so many hands my soft bean. every day. trust me the alpha chad handholder. the hand slut. fucking put me down

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(my brain is swelling) im gonna start an instance called 'handholding' and then be a filthy little transphobe. why won't people hold my hand :(

they keep telling me to use less serif fonts but i can't go against my goth nature πŸ˜”

look if at least 51% of the people who bought minecraft agree to behead notch they cant stop the free market

if i had too much energy i would simply pick a few of the million ways to store it. wait fuck im not a power grid..

oof i've been on a twitter profile and it is terrifying. please close the app

splitting my day in myriaseconds (about 2h47min)

i did pretty well on restoring the grain imo. minutes of my life just gone

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