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as someone trying to climb the other way into what humanity can mean let me take on a condescending look and assume the privilege padded room you're in

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'i want to understand what its like to reach deep into humanity's limits' (massaging my temples) not good or very interesting either

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oh an artist trying to understand serial killers that's cute

(to the shower wall) iconic. name a more iconic sample. that's what i thought

i think i need someone to stand on my back. that might fix it. now i think of it if we attached horses to each of my arms

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> Bursting is fine, rimming it for hours gets you capped.

knowing that this provider is managed by furries really set the tone

breton crepes with falafels and italian sauce. haters.. slide in to my dms 😎

vcv rack is the minecraft of music. i wish i could stack dirt blocks at home but they're expensive

eyyy blue stahli released a 2021 album 'obsidian' and it's pretty cool

i will never work on a work day. i will get paid the equivalent of two months of work, then disappear and do it during three nights, most likely sundays, most likely holidays,

the weirdest people dream of the most normal lives - the jokr

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its funny when people find me impressive because i usually find them impressiver so

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