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im bored to death but id Rather Die than do anything. basically

type of guy who feels threatened by greta thunberg or what's her name. really that says a lot on its own

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type of guy whos a libertarian with a strict sense of biblical morality

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like if u hate me so much why do u like my dick so much. checkmate bro

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why do transphobes get so excitedly angry at the idea of me cutting my dick off. i think there's something to dig out of it


should i use timescaledb or is my 'chunked integer array' in pg method pretty good actually

nonbinary girl doesn't mean less girl than binary girl. in my case it's actually more. its like the ingredients on an energy drink. 400% girl. 1600% enby. 380mg gender fluid. boy is not listed as it is unregulated by the fda

i just misread something as ephebophobia and it was psychologically damaging

terrified of doing things. terrified of not doing things. terrified of not having done things. terrified of never doing things

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