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excuse me im busy sensually licking chocolate paste on a spoon

i like mozilla i simply think the upper half of the hierarchy of mozilla corporation ought to be lethally shot

but i don't want to get up i want to stop existing

i am hungry but i dont have anything i want to eat. it's sad

i love looking up my new antidepressant and reading 'How it works is not entirely clear.'

just let me synthesize random shit and smoke it to be honest

if i cant be happy n,either can you. sorry sweaty its just anarchism

i want to say there is no difference but the happy philosophers will come after me

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i couldn't tell the difference between gender euphoria and a lack of gender dysphoria. i couldn't tell the difference between happy and not depressed

More ice crystals. These are 2-3 cm long each, formed on a marshy meadow near a river over night.

what about the second wake and bake? i dont think he knows about the second wake and bake pip

technically a space nerd fiscally disappointed by capitalism

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