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without clout none of us would post. shitposting wouldnt exist. the internet woyuld be Good

(porn appears on the screen) mm ok
(now a large aircraft engine) [moeans] uwu

im just saying, if u publish a track called sexy bitch, and u aren't one yourself, its low key pathetic

building an alternative Sun that mines bitcoin


in vscode microsoft basically turned ini files into json and it's glorious

im sure it already exists somewhere and costs a billion dollars or so

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seeing favs by people i find cool and checking the follow requests. still 13

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id like to be bothered by a ghost. no im just bored. please crush my cynical understanding of existence im begging you

thats it im horny for thanos smh You Win

(no of course its because its expensive and complicated)

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avoiding permanent facial hair removal to keep myself on edge

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my favorite self harm is when i stare into a mirror after a few days of casual depression

all my samples are recorded with my cheap popular phone; its a class struggle metaphor. (pls buy me a real recorder)

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