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id like to interact with my computer in a more physical way like. i often feel like im wrestling with the computer so its fucked up that im not getting any exercise out of it. like i think the computer should be slightly weaker than me but only by a bit, so i'd almost always be able to pin the computer in the end but there'd be a few close calls

as a wolf who loves pizza i do relate to garfield

some people seem confused by this concept so let me explain: money isn't real. it's made-up

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satisfactory (game) 

water and pipes really add a whole layer to it

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satisfactory (game) 

ahhh now i have a whole cold boot process for the factory that takes like three minutes

Earth has blue skies and red sunsets. Mars has red skies and blue sunsets.

The sky on Earth is blue because gas molecules reflect blue light. Earth sunsets look red because all the blue light has already been filtered out.

The sky on Mars is red because dust particles reflect red light. Martian sunsets look blue because all the red light has already been filtered out.

Two planets. Opposite skies.

look its no coincidence all meaningful breakthroughs in my sexuality were triggered by furries

are there special things you can put in a wii? maybe a certain type of egg

0 null void and undefined and valid alice pronouns

No, mum. You can't just "pause" mastodon. If I log off they're going to either start attacking each other like feral animals or make a new meme that isn't funny. This is very important.

anyone has a mastocrush on me fav this and i will give you attention if i like you and i don't already

i like that the nine mens morris shitposts, of all shitposts, are the ones that make people go "nope, never gonna bother looking that up"

i know the question is worthh asking because i got five different answers in under a minute

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rust named parameters when

barrier got the return key stuck on a boost button :hhHHHAAAH:

every fear-of-AI story is about a displaced fear of labor revolt

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