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ok one of our edge proxies just died. sure why not. nice to see redundancy work out for once

La Flor de la Paciencia. (The Flower of Patience) found in the tropics and subtropics, it blooms every 7 years and the flowers last 7 days.


this sentence has been 'proven' 'false' on multiple occasions before but it is uncommon. like, 'once' 'in' a 'blue' 'moon'

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the only thing i 'top' is the shitpost industry

saw an old woman who had befriended a crow today. the crow walked right alongside her old dog. this woman in tacoma had it all figured out

i just don't think my opinion is that good on such matters

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rolling a dice every few hours to decide if i should sleep

of course it's not what anyone means. it's an interpretation of a generic as fuck sentence considering a subjective material reality; and it hurts somehow.

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what they say: you're valid!!!

what i understand: you have the right to suffer for the rest of your life!!! maybe you feel miserable and excluded and broken and unable to do anything right and no one will ever not hold it against you but it's Okay you're Valid!

very weird take 

you ever read a post and dissociate for five minutes

enbyphobic that i'm still under 1k followers tbh

a lot of people talk about the GeoCities aesthetic but i 100% honestly think it's high time we move away from that and start talking about the Y2Kweb™ aesthetic because it's [chef's kiss]

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