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i need usually need 2-3 tries to unlock this ssh key (often multiple times in a day) maybe i should change the passphrase. it's simple but untypeable

*sees cat flying over the couch in the background* 🤨 🤷‍♀️

[cats congregate over the cardboard box next to my desk] yes hello

@esvrld musk pre-fucks every car as it rolls off the assembly line

two songs to achieve absolute god mode:
- groove coverage - god is a girl //
- ghost data - become god //

listening to groove coverage and you all are allowed to shame me for it. i shall take no shit

people in movies who act like they've never seen an hallucination in their life smh. yes dude there's a monster that obviously no one else can see for the second time stop yelling and waving your gun around ffs

i have convinced my gfs to order borgars tonight uwu uwu uwu

told the cat i am hungry. the cat did not move. oh she just did. thank u

it's called "Eurodance/Hard dance/Trance" and it's from 2012 how could it not be perfect

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i have found the worst spotify playlist. listening to eurodance for kids from 2005. it's terrible. awful. it's great


shared between working on 'open fallout shelter but deeper' and '2020s newsgroups'

uh, so since i am a shut in and i've been working at/ from home for a few years now and we've all got a week or so into this isolation thing let me tell you:

changing from pajamas into pajamas is fun for a time, but you really should keep a somewhat normal schedule by changing into normal-ish day clothes and then into pajamas before bed. it seems silly in the face of everything, but it really will help with keeping you feeling sane and neat.

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