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phone: i want energy
me: for what i want to do
phone: yeees
phone: *actually sends telemetry*


watching shrek 2 and honestly it was so much less relatable when i was cis

lewd mention but image is not lewd 

How did "lone wolf" become an expression? Wolves are not known for being lone, so much so that you actually have to prefix the "wolf" with "lone" to indicate that the wolf is lone and at that point why not pick an animal that doesn't travel in packs all the time

it's transphobic that i don't have a bipedal heavy weapons platform to pilot and modify with ever-more-ingenious weapons as i'm deployed across far-flung worlds to fight the enemies of Union

aliexpress and worldwide shipping 

we live in a time where we can cheaply hide tiny computers inside the plugs of other computers

product description: there's a microprocessor inside that connector

wait that's not a good thing

look it's obvious that anarchists are sexier than communists but to be honest anarchocomunists are clearly the real solution here

sure we have running water but when can i get running orange juice

lewd shitpost 

i should keep a list of puns based on my names when i quickly need one

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