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he protecc
he attacc
but most importantly
he fibonacc

ugh so much bullshit to do. like for instance why the fuck is wasabi charging me 21$. i'm pretty sure we aren't using four terabytes suddenly. or are we. who knows on this fediverse. let's light a joint and investigate i fucking guess

wow i just got vcv rack to overwrite one of its core module's svg files by loading an accidentally broken module


Shoutout to whoever named chestnuts. Ahead of their time. You couldn’t sneak that by people nowadays

how much would it cost to build or acquire a tiny selfie drone

categorizing every possible mood in a maximum of four poll options is no easy task

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useless poll, death 

someone is murdering you. no context is given. what do you think of the situation. multiple answers allowed

what if i just want to get high have sex and eat pizza huh what will capitalism do


current status: thinking of all the ways my gf and i could please a big dragon playing with us

the name "Windows Subsystem for Linux" baffles me. shouldn't it be "Linux Subsystem for Windows"??????

making a programming language where boolean logic is replaced by floating point values

lewd, meta, poll 

should i do porn lmao

nothing immediate been thinking about it in various ways for a long time,
could make me feel better about myself who knows,


2700 😤

look it's too late for me now my life revolves around homestuck along with everyone i care about i have to read it i have to know run while you can RUN


ugh now my volume buttons are broken

it always uses the second device, even as the first is default, and makes me disable the second device regularly

if i open plasma's "audio volume settings" it loads forever

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