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thank you i know how to pipe and rsync but i'm clearly not doing that for a reason

anyway that's done now i need proper testing so i don't have to do all the work in production

git diff > /var/www/sfsdfssdf.diff is not a satisfying answer

ah yes the good old issue of "how do i get that production hotfix git diff back to my dev environment"

too big to copy paste, no smtp server around, read-only git repo

ear update 

thinking of a single common word and suddenly having a song stuck in your head

shouldn't have slept again i feel worse on every level oof. i had a pretty good thing for two hours or so

ohhhh and at some point i also found free synthesisers in an attic and they were old and cool

i just remembered my third dream and that was fucked up. it had parasitic aliens and i may have cut one out of its host with a broken bottle

two first were very kink-oriented but went to absolute worst, anxiety inducing way


tfw craving salad with your gf at 1 in the morning and making one. good mood

but seriously if i ever fuck up as badly as i imagine i do please tell me especially if i love you or something thanksss

love to think of a few random unrelated observations and oh fuck have i caused that am i awful

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