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young me, watching tv and judging people: haha that's so stupid how could it ever happen to someone

me ten years later: .. twas nice actually

*stands up, goes to to next door*

m dont want to cöök ;;
*goes back to the compüter*

comments on e621 

and other great questions like, deeply am i actually a lesbian

update nah it's just a way to make myself feel dysphoric as fuck after waking up

a very lewd and wholesome dream. i guess it has to happen sometimes

oh no someone who knows someone who knows someone who knows my mom has ~questions~

don't rely on me people i'm not good at it

basically spent the day on netflix, e621, and stripe's api docs

dev :oof: 

tired: 17 years ago,

wired: at the end of the twenty fifth percent of my life as of now,

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