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*looking at smoke quietly moving under a lamp* ohhh that's why i wanted a laser projector

theory: [img]

practice: the pcb was badly cut so i replaced everything with loose white wires,

now i'm wondering how bad it would be to snort that

stop right now

*barely opens chili pepper container*

my throat and eyes burn and i can't stop sneezing qsent helmp

bloody shitpost 

oh actually all my issues were due to a mislabeled pin.

could easily have burnt things over it. making things is so satisfying

love to touch a random component and hear my power supply make a slightly different noise

i just want to spend the rest of the night building useless electronic projects. i may just do that

ughhhh i just put away the oscilloscope probe that way laying there unused for a week and now i need it again

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