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fleshgod apocalypse - labyrinth // // actually no i've been trying to remember this band's name today so i'm listening to that now

behemoth - demigod // // oooh i haven't listened to that in a while it's always good

"soothed by weed or black metal" is a level of fucked up i am fine with tbh

black tongue - nadir // // huh they released an album after born hanged. good

still kinda salty about the expensive shure earphones sounding like shit compared to those cheap sony ones

neutral doesn't mean remove everything under 100Hz wtf

"Listening at a high volume for a long time may damage your hearing" big mood now fuck off

you don't even know shit about my earphones maybe they're just very high impedance

fucking happened again i swear i saw her yawn after i felt like yawning

is there research about yawning at the same time without seeing each other

ah yes of course,
tokio::spawn(tx.send_all(|msg| ...)))

*hours of adding map_err(|_| ()) everywhere mostly randomly*

i don't fucking know it's impossible

it's simply not understandable at this point i'm just adding and removing adapters until it works over a hundred lines

i was gonna complain about a single full type from a rustc error but it doesn't fit in a toot

futures aren't very nice to work with yet

i mean if that was me i wouldn't want a nice tweet i'd want a civil war. kids these days should watch more action movies smh

also i won't be impressed by the internet until you get chelsea out of jail and into another country. i thought you people were cool

do Not talk to me until ive had my curry and chilli pepper infusion

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