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running openvpn inside openvz is awful. this host is running 2.6.32-042stab127.2. last security update broke tun and i had to open a ticket

vpn servers getting restarted, clients reconnecting and getting load-balanced to other servers

searching for a support chat thing Show more

searching for a support chat thing Show more

i've said many times that it didn't practically matter but i'd rather be on aes-256-gcm anyway

also looks like openvpn finally supports cipher negotiation in 2.4 so i'm not stuck on BF-CBC 64b (including

why is the only office suite that i find okay to use also slow enough that copying a file takes 2 clicks and 30 seconds

now it works for real i hope it won't break my phone if i'm recording it

my quick tesla coil does not work and i am disappointed. i sjhall try again tomorrow

slightly past midnight, high, tired,

i have to build a tesla coil like right now

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