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gender: F. was hoping for at least a D+ but whatcha gonna do

imagine having 3 or 4 tabs open and seeing their titles

why is there no option to play a boop on every toot in my home tl.

there's like a mouse in the ceiling making an unreasonable amount of noise i guess we'll have to do something about that

*closes browser*

*opens browser* fuc
*closes browser*

*opens browser* f u c

i am so high and i'm not really sure why 🤔 is this simply genuine happiness. is my depression rebooting

hey since new people may be looking to join, just a reminder that all current members can invite others in preferences > invite people

i like when practical cases make the usual constraints seem so convoluted and ridiculous. like. how does zippyshare scale? a big p2p database? a distributed filesystem? a blockchain??? apparently they just add a server named www(N+1) and files go there

today's mood is yiff me and the soundtrack is by venetian snares

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