i'd love it much more if it was more accessible too. imagine designing one of those. having the tools to make one. sharing and reusing free components for your soc.

i love how now it's common to put a whole computer inside a tiny chip. cpu, power supply, memory, storage, wifi and bluetooth, and more devices, in a few cubic millimeters. and i'm reading a 459 pages pdf to hack one and draw triangles

this arm asm makes so little sense that i must have done something wrong

*decompiling a mi band 2 firmware*

wait what the fuck am i doing with my life

@Elizafox well fun fact, fun.pizza is 260$/year and pizza.fun is 980$/month

@forteller as a general rule cw are not here to protect people who need to "get used to" something, but it's very useful when no amount of exposure would make it better (sometimes even worse). having a face looking at you more than you want in your timeline can be uncomfortable, so i recommend using it (it's not strictly required on octodon though)

thanks to eevblog i ordered a rigid coax cable and a low noise amplifier. a few of each just in case youtube.com/watch?v=2xy3Hm1_Zq

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