git: "Please tell me who you are."
please Fuck Off i am trying to stash a hotfix on a production server who in the fuck cares about the commit email

doing an exceptional public post for an Experiment

ok so i mildly enjoyed how 'bass racist' sounded but uh wtf is this title and coming from a white man how okay can that be. anyway i ended up on his website and Let Me Tell You, this is some pinnacle of bad fucking taste. (cw: lewd drawings sprinkled everywhere)

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ok i found the new worst artist name, 'duran duran duran'

She just insisted on getting me out of bed, then when I got up to see what she wanted she laid down in the sunny patch I was in

it's really nice to see a device that has existed for like eighty years still work and be reasonably repairable and given some care. (and the tubes and mechanics involved)

even refreshing compared to modern engineering

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mr carlson restores ancient electronics on youtube, like this aircraft receiver. it's soothing and satisfying

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