spy films 🤝 trans people
"that's your name? lmao of course it is. nice one"

i wuld simpy eat garlic until vampires start passing me around as a challenge

@esvrld im too cool to dm people that i send it in bulk and hope for boosts

i think if you as a species create Dogs it's only fair that you're responsible for dispensing as much belly rubs as demanded

@geesehoward yes, i got caught; here's what you can learn from my mistakes

@geesehoward all dogs are braver than the troops, because they have anxiety. even cop dogs, because they don't want to be there

bad, awful 

squeezing my prolapse for cum like a ripe fruit

@esvrld lmao ye next ur gonna tell me to stop buying truckloads of advocados. im not falling in to your trap i value my

mmm sleeping more did not fix the headache. i don't like it

@esvrld no aliens?? who do i . they could have at least picked a planet with plants

u ever forget a word but you're sure you know it and it has a T or whatever and 15 minutes later you find it and it did not have a T somewhere

@fredds and i meant it's also a computing hardware nightmare. no need to act smug when you didn't get it ;-)

@gargron well then that might be a Suggestion because certainly no one likes pressing 'next' five times. but then if they got to that point i'm not sure five clicks are the decisive factor

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