moved octodon's streaming server so uh tell me if you have issues with streaming. it would most likely look like an error message or the "..." thing on top of a timeline for a few seconds

moving workers to hetzner cloud too. it's 12% less expensive, has half the cpus but they are slightly faster, same ram. maybe more reliable on the long run

watching the mastodon queue go down trying not to throw solutions at the potential non-issue

break a thing for thirty minutes and mastodon will be stuck for two fucking hours

@impiaaa welp it shouldn't act *too weird*. i think most of the weirdness should come from restarting things earlier, otherwise it should work fine, just load pages slower

response times at least doubled since i started moving things

oof those 20ms of latency between workers and redis are painful

should move the workers to hetzner too i guess

You reach out to shove the orc off the ledge.

*rolls 1*

But instead lightly caress the side of his chest. He is uncomfortable.

@le_hasard maybe? to a point?

i can answer those questions afterwards but my "first ball" had no texture or color, the person was an abstract representation with no gender, and the table was just a flat textureless surface. the ball and the person had a relative size, i'm not sure about the table :thaenkin: i think at some point i associated the table with a pool table and it gained a size and texture (but also a border)

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