putting a hard dance remix of bring me to life in a loop. that'll shut it up

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me: *lying in bed trying to forget existence*
brain: *loudly singing some linkin park* hey what about getting drunk

It's 2020 and if being horny on main is what helps me cope, then so be it :v

@eleos c très bien quand tu regarde plus loin que les cismecs blancs avec un très haut qi qui vénèrent rick sans rien analyser du personnage

fuck it i'd rather watch mr robot a millionth time than continue watching the walking dead

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okay it's getting ridiculous i'm considering never finishing that series

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oh nevermind they're just messing with the viewer again

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finally continuing the walking dead and did they just resurrect a character to grossly murder him in the next episode which is also the next season. quality tv right there

i'm a real cis, unlike those cistrenders who only became cis because it's popular

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