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rustc just told me that some unsigned int >= 0 is useless

good compiler

added a web font for literally 2 words

why the fuck would you even write a single xml tag without the /, yet make it a documented example

do you just hate parsers


still, for very new dom in rust as webassembly it's pretty cool

@Elizafox at least it's simple

so many protocoles are bad and complicated


rust with no unsafe block: "it's shit you can't call C it's fucking useless"

rust with unsafe block: "it's shit anyone can write unsafe code if they really want it it's pointless like all tools that don't give your life meaning"

@Elizafox oh i have implemented a minecraft server and client with its shitty tls for no reason you don't know a thing about me

@Elizafox same but faster and without a single unsafe

@Elizafox i've never used an unsafe block and i don't intend to. except in a c binding

then we can make uniformly distributed crashes on purpose and test shit about murphy's law