relatives be like 'let met talk about plenty of deep things' and 'why dont you reply faster'. please i'm still trying to process last week's email. i know you believe i'm the absolute best but i am weak and slow and confused


"unfck the internet"

"Start by choosing the only non-profit-backed, people-first browser."

with the company that just fired a bunch of people and still ridiculously pays its ceo? non profit? people first? shut the fuck up

we're monitoring this old metalhead with an eeg while playing some babymetal. let's see how he reacts.. (notices brutal spikes and writes it down in a notebook)

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dudes will just get fully angry that their favorite genre is getting appropriated by girls. cute? in my metal? it's Fake. it's Wrong. it's Bad. It's Not Metal

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i like babymetal because it lets me filter out the fash metalheads. and there are many

my opinion on qanon is that it's actually assange in a smelly cave somewhere with internet access

stackexchange 'philosophy'

ohhhh boi that's a good one

i mean my first reaction is that, if you believe in god and heaven, do you seriously believe He'll consider your little dilemma and selfish solution using basic probabilities, and go 'oh technically right that's a smart one let him in'? fascinating

stackexchange 'buddhism' 

resolving trauma through 'focus and firm intent' (drugs) as we speak

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If you hate philosophy then you're like 75% of the way to being a philosopher already, sorry

@velexiraptor why would you do this. but then i still haven't finished it so

do Not talk to me about computers or i won't stop talking and none of us want that

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turning the volume Up because i do Not want to hear about the c programming language. i am so annoying

(cat comes here, meows and stares at me, and goes away)

shop talk 

i want to make a magic rust target that compiles to a big file that runs on windows and linux 32 and 64 bits

look its either i start my own company at 15 or i spend time learning german. i was young and naive and my priorities were different

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@filkerdave yeah it's just the bad side of it all, that somehow gets represented in media much more and we end up defined by it externally.

that's also what i believe; i work fine with a team when it's not a complete mess

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