very carefully wrapping dysphoria in fancy wrapping paper. the pattern kinda looks like 'DENIAL' that's a funny coincidence lets keep that box sideways

@boobs_idiot i hear i make people bark would we just start barking and baaing equally :blobhyperthink:

infosec bullshit 

people are often making conspiracy theories about agencies breaking tor and like. yes. give me a billion dollars and authority over a country and i'll break tor too. it's not really that hard. but it requires a big investment and ultimately making public that you have such thing, which no one want to. we're always hiding in plain sight and always a few compromised keys or computers or cables away

@velexiraptor just kill a bitcoin millionaire and sell his coins at a low price

bitcoin mining is like a space heater that produces virtual money, but only rich people can afford it and then they pay to get rid of all the heat they can't use

not gay as in happy but gay as in please hold me

dead inside but somehow still feeling that headache

I have never met a single bi/pan person who hated the vise versa. 99% of them I know would be cool with being called both but pick one for whatever reason. personally I just like the bi flag more, that's literally the whole fucking thing

my rationale is that i refuse to give any importance to my birth

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love to complain about astrology and then make big theories about alignment charts

@senzubean only to become an admin and mercilessly crush whoever stands against you


if donny had to do a thing against covid it would have meant our and was not enough

waking up and confronting the fact that the majority of the world considers me a degenerate to be put down. ok im hungry and horny good morning

i have never 'premeditated' anything. every thing i plan goes wrong and every thing i improvise goes okay. so you can imagine that if i wanted to murder i

@heartles i do it regularly but i can get away with it because i'm a Big Poster

the person i relate to the most at the moment is the artist LustSickPuppy and all i know about them is 8 tracks

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