@Mainebot 'what if we need something measured and they are too busy fucking or arguing on the internet' buddy wait until they unionize

@Mainebot yea i think giving sensors depression is gonna fix things. i think sensors should fall in love too

@Mainebot ok except for the Ultra Turing Machine it's all doable of they throw enough moeny at it. the Ultra Turing Machine is still only a scientist's dream unfortunately . (it doesnt mean shit)

@Mainebot i guess it's worth a try but i don't know what you expect out of it

@Mainebot "blockchain secured, AI supported production chain" this is already blowing hot hair like a. uh. large jet engine. "Industry 4.0" ok like some sort of device used to attempt to change the orbit of the earth

they seem legit as in a normal startup that does absolutely nothing but shuffle money around with existing technology

help black person and their child!

Currently at the ER with jah,

brakes went out in my car which means

1. I can’t work
2. I won’t have a ride home

I need support getting a Lyft back home after this hospital visit as well as getting the brakes fixed

Pls b88st // rp

help a black disabled trans woman with medication and survival funds!

I’m crowdfunding for just myself now Any amount helps Thank you.


@wxcafe me actually staring at jesus's feet over your head:

yes i think getting covid just after the tests aren't free anymore is a great idea. thank you youtube for reminding me of this

@trwnh no i can't post to one or multiple of my lists and my followers can't follow my lists. it's not lists

youtube comment section 

@a_rock one time i enjoyed christian rock and god came here himself to suck me off. i've been listening to nazi black metal since cant be too careful

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