for reasons you couldn't hope to understand, i have begun to refer to pokémon as digimons, digimons as yoshis, and yoshis as 'those things from harry potter'

@Thib idk i can just make ten and store them in a drawer unlabelled. and when you boot with one in you get a password prompt or an enigma to solve.

actually i should have a perfectly hidden and encrypted os filesystem and a floppy boot disk. that would be cool

me last year: oh no what if i wish i'd have a floppy drive next year. oh fuck it i'm not packing up a floppy drive it's useless and heavy

me now: :thinkhappy:

modding a floppy drive could be fun. like idk add a few knobs on that and put samples on a floppy. it can only be interesting

@eldaking yes kinda like that, but different since everyone has already done that :p

maybe something that involves floppy disks too

@Luna_ three cds, at least two hard drives, a few phones,,, we good

i really want to find a creative use of floppy disks and drives

i still have so many old discs and entire boxes of empty cds. even some floppies

a bit weird that all this is now just bits of shiny plastic to be used for decorative purposes

i just realized i don't have any useless cd or dvd around. like i probably own one disc here and i'm treasuring it (SO's last album uwu). i should bring a few next time i go to my mom's place. they are so pretty

why is it that draculas are commonly considered 'sexy', but everyone hates mosquitoes, despite both sucking your blood, making weird noises ('bleh!' and 'eeeEEE'), and being very difficulty to kill

vampire: *bites me*
me: *moans*
vampire: what
me: what
me: i'm scared i promise

@esvrld my theory is that it's the funniest thing from an evolutionary point of view. picture evolution not as an all powerful god but as a disgusting bored gamer

@esvrld ah yes the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere

the brain's 'feeling bad' centre. the brain's 'just straight up having a bad time' centre

@esvrld ah yes the left hemisphere and the right hemisphere

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