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docker: "About a minute ago"
nomad: "1m3s"

"Up Less than a second"

just put 0 or milliseconds or anything that doesn't make the column 5x wider

i wonder if restarting my unique nomad server will break stuff

@Elizafox yeah but the sun is even safer and does the same job :p

@Elizafox still prefer the sun at least it would get recycled instead of just leaving trash in an environment we don't know much and could damage accidentally

@Elizafox yeah but it's still some nature, we can't just send our mistakes to destroy it. there still are many things to learn from mars. i'd rather we shoot them and keep mars clean too or something

@Elizafox nah you can't sacrifice mars to get rid of shitty people

@jordyd yeah I think we're projecting a lot in this

@zash @pettter @nolan @cwebber @seanl "some kind of persistent software agent who acts as a fixed point" like a bittorrent client :thinkhappy:

@pettter @nolan @cwebber @seanl so the only thing separating True-P2P BitTorrent and Federated Mastodon is that BitTorrent doesn't publish usernames?

a single bittorrent node can and often does handle torrents for multiple users, and manages access in an opaque and local way. a mastodon instance / AP server could very well be made single user. there are a few.

tbh the only difference is how easy it is to host a node, that's mostly implementation specific

@pettter @nolan @cwebber @seanl my seedbox and the torrents it's keeping alive alone doesn't agree

you can split any P2P node into client/server parts, and make them multi-user. and that's more or less mastodon. and then keep them single-user and behind a P2P network. mastodon can work as a P2P node, even if it's not often used so. it's also about what the network expects of nodes, and that varies a lot even in P2P networks. if you can draw a clean straight line i'd say you're missing things

sure you can send nudes using secure end-to-end encrypted peer-to-peer chat apps but you can also

send a dm and report it yourself to explicitly share with the admin

(uhh don't unless it's me or they also shatpost a consent)

@soft_chomps ahhh we actually do /penetration testing/ of the paper with a pen, so it's really more about paper testing

@cwebber @nolan tldr i probably agree with most anyway :p

it's a good point that we don't have to rely on the wot exclusively.
i'm sure we could even find plenty of ways to emulate local/federated timelines

@cwebber @nolan yeah but that's a very slow and isolated network, no? it'd sure be safer once you're set up with your friends, but also make it much harder to join if you don't know many people, and much slower to discover new people and get known by others.

i feel like i would want that for secure private communication with close friends, not for broadcasting shitpost to the internet to collect favs

> irl
irl i have no friends and feel bad, alone. nice try, bad point :p

@cwebber @nolan yeah i like the idea but haven't yet seen it not get wrecked quickly to a nightmare by people being bad or lazy

@cwebber @nolan yeah, very small shared blocklists :p

@nolan well technically it's just closer to built-in shared blocklists

@Madeorsk just sent myself a zip on gmail, worked fine