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@Elizafox then sell the weed to buy more wellbutrin

if its good you should try more i think

@elomatreb @Elizafox must be a good advice, wellbutrin is good and smoking is good

you can probably snort it too


tiny tiny brain: "smoke weed Elly instead of taking wellbutrin"

my huge galactic cluster multipoint singularity brain: smoke the weed AND take the wellbutrin, duh

first motivation for that backup feature: shitposting about killing myself with less guilt of hurting mastodon

"It Takes Two Neurons To Ride a Bicycle" is a future codegolf topic

"Unknown system error" o yeah FUCK YOU

@Elizafox sure i just need to tell myself not to burn the pizza i'll make it quick

@dashie ouais hein j'ai envie de rendre le truc open-source rien que pour mettre des screenshot sur le readme :p

huntin terms of service violators

[insert gif of aggressively clicking buttons and censoring screenshots]

the unix way actually works this time it's great

made a shell script that tails suricata eve logs and turns them into a nicely formatted table

"We've received the following DMCA notice related to torrenting of copyrighted material from your Droplet(s)"

people why don't you read the fucking warning

Cis-het? Cis-Š½ŠµŃ‚!