make a standard protocol to export full wikis

i want clean and automated wiki mirrors

then wiki federation

not a large flat wiki for reasons

it's a network where the atomic unit is a wiki. a node publishes a wiki and it gets replicated over other nodes. the wiki controls its own content arbitrarily so you can make any existing wiki and policies in it. and those can implement an interface to edit the wiki or not

and then you can have big cyberpunky sites that just archive wikis. that looks very compressible and interesting to compress.

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@CobaltVelvet I think one could "easily" build that on top of ZeroNet

@paulfree14 @CobaltVelvet It is a bit hard to set up though as one need control over DNS subdomains, to allow someone to store their fork persistantly...

@changaco are you explaining this to me like i dont know ipfs

i'm describing something slightly different that could use ipfs but clearly isn't ipfs

@CobaltVelvet cue discussion on how each wiki software has Special Snowflake Features That Can't Be Put In A Protocol, and 10 years working on a standard, with 1 year spent on actual technical work, and 9 on battling developer egos.


@CobaltVelvet ikiwiki, though written in perl, stores its whole db "history" in git (or svn). It doesn't have "federation" (or git merges) built into the UI IIRC but hey, it's a "protocol" you're familiar with

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