@Mainebot uhh
1. run the pip line
2. make an app in web and get the three hex tokens
3. create a settings.py like documented, fill in the three tokens and the instance domain
4. python followings.py

default is --min-activity 1y, see -h for help, --unfollow will actually unfollow accounts

@CobaltVelvet @Mainebot a long time ago I made exes from Python apps, I should do that again

@CobaltVelvet I mean I would do even some of the things you said but I feel like there's this whole corpus of knowledge you're taking for granted to even understand it.

@Mainebot yeah i didn't make any effort on packaging it (well i made it into a single clean file) but then it'd quickly take more time than making the thing itself and it gets frustrating

@CobaltVelvet I'm not holding it against you but uh yeah if it isn't made for what could probably be a child I probably can't use it. I couldn't even install Baldurs gate on Linux so really the minute you said Hex Tokens I realized I was in way over my head.

I don't know what a pip line is.

@Mainebotthe line in the big comment at the top that starts with pip :p

but yeah it requires a working python environment, being familiar with python tools, ..

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