how much work would it take to make a fullscreen browser a decent window manager

ahh no okay i see what you all understood

i meant making a fullscreen browser a functional replacement for a regular window manager/compositor, including the stuff that adapts native apis or renders regularly and display in a tab. possibly replacing xorg too.

🏵️ virtualice 🏵️

what if your browser then replaces systemd and has background tabs and then becomes a kernel running javascript apps

@CobaltVelvet This is the hot new thing in webscale, if you want to provision a machine you just have to point the init at the URL of the entry page

@elomatreb now that's actually a great idea

we kind of have that with docker

@CobaltVelvet Yes but now it has even more web so it's more webscale

@CobaltVelvet I don't want to give you the wrong idea by fav'ing this. please understand that I admire the sheer artisanal badness that went into this idea.

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