don't blame patreon too much tho

it's extremely likely bankers and card companies pressuring paypal and stripe pressuring patreon as it usually happens

without credit cards and paypal patreon basically dies instantly

don't underestimate credit card companies, they have a perfect monopoly and will ask anyone to ban anything or fuck off with bitcoins

@CobaltVelvet Patreon could add bitcoin support if they cared~

Patreon is big now, and if they take $300+ per month from me they could put that money to use on not screwing over adult content producers

@gargron @CobaltVelvet the silence from them here is the most frustrating thing. I think people would be more understanding if they actually came out and said this—they've gone to bat before for adult content producers after they got banned from paypal.

@CobaltVelvet @gargron so yeah, I dunno. it doesn't feel like bitcoin is really a viable option either—there would probably be a million bureaucratic hoops to jump through, even larger fees, and stuff like volatility is always a problem. Not that they shouldn't do it—but it's definitely not a turn-key solution.

@gargron @CobaltVelvet re: "use bitcoin"—coinbase also has a strict no adult content or services policy. bitpay doesn't appear to, but given their deep integration with visa it might only be a matter of time. I don't know of any other bitcoin payment platforms but these would all be things patreon would have to work out.


@nightpool @gargron accepting bitcoins is the easy part, you don't really need all that and the processor on both sides won't ever see any reference to porn, and you can always find another exchange

- you can't make recurring payments with bitcoins
- getting coins is usually hard, getting coins quickly near impossible

pretty sure patreon mostly works on quickly made and forgotten recurring payments :p

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@CobaltVelvet @nightpool @Gargron Bitcoin has those problems, but some other (relatively) well known cryptocurrencies don't, like Dash -- can't we all just start using Dash? :P

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