don't blame patreon too much tho

it's extremely likely bankers and card companies pressuring paypal and stripe pressuring patreon as it usually happens

without credit cards and paypal patreon basically dies instantly

don't underestimate credit card companies, they have a perfect monopoly and will ask anyone to ban anything or fuck off with bitcoins

@CobaltVelvet Patreon could add bitcoin support if they cared~

Patreon is big now, and if they take $300+ per month from me they could put that money to use on not screwing over adult content producers


@gargron yeah but

bitcoin is still mostly reserved "to us" and won't become usable by common people anytime soon, other serious issues aside.

and even all the profit they accumulated would likely run out fast, and it wouldn't impress visa. visa doesn't give a fuck and will watch Patreon die, they can destroy entire industries like that. (and already did)

and even if P adds bitcoin support they may still be asked to deny porn as a policy to get to process cards.

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@CobaltVelvet There are card processors that deal with the adult industry.

@gargron yeah, very specialized and only a few of them, very big ones. from what i've heard it's a very closed thing and not cheap.

they literally put any constraint they want on anyone trying to accept credit cards, and have been leading a long term war against sex and related things.

but since they don't interact with end users and only work by threatening intermediaries it all look very conspiracy-like

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