i so much want to make some "fediverse index" where you just reserve a unique username and link all your accounts and instances there (including birdsite - an evolution of the existing bridge)
and an aggregated global toots preview for an identity
and a way to follow other people's migrations entirely client-side and based on third party (so that even if an instance is permanently down you can still follow the new account)

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@CobaltVelvet i'm not sure this is a good idea but the goddamn bridge must be revived first, is still dead due to heroku row limit

@gargron well the whole thing would be opt-in ofc and require verification for all accounts

aah yes, i don't want to sleep let's do this now

@CobaltVelvet what you *should* make if you know how, some kinda distributed hash table (DHT) for searching globally by hashtags

@gargron i'm writing this down in a very large bold font somewhere

@gargron (i've spent years obsessed about DHTs and never got to make anything useful with all that *for now*)

@gargron @CobaltVelvet DHTs are not hype anymore, you have got to use blockchains

@gargron (the second part was about the current bridge, i just need to install the thing and give you the addresses?)

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