@CobaltVelvet it's nice, except for the usa-centric idea that free-speech equals nazism

@CobaltVelvet yeah, pretty much so. Here in Europe we always laugh when we read that kind of stuff. Actually here are the right-winged that are against free speech, because they regularly get blasted in every public discussion

@chobeat I live "here", german nazism worked that way too, all misinformation comes from the fact that being loud and violent convince idiots and scare/hurt the others, it's not related to the USA.
Here we just usually agree free speech do not include hate speech, but it's not obvious to everyone even in europe

@CobaltVelvet free speech is not freedom to tell bullshit. That's something that is considered a given in Europe but not in the USA. Anyway, this fight against free speech is tipical of the recent evolution of the public discourse in the USA, but it's not really a thing in Europe, come on. The only people that care about it are just heavily influenced by american ideologies (in both directions), but they are alien to european political discourse.

@CobaltVelvet I mean, there are some, you are among them if you say you are from Europe, but still you speak like an American. Maybe this concern will gain ground in Europe too, but it's not yet the case outside of some minor small anarcho/liberal groups.

I don't like this subjection to americans, you know. We should fight imperialism, not help it.

@CobaltVelvet anyway, keep up with the good work, your tool is nice.

@CobaltVelvet I think that's a quiet celebration sort of thing! :birthday: :tada:

@CobaltVelvet the "safe space" comment for adding seems a bit misleading. I don't allow unnecessary aggression, but I'm not cultivating a "safe space" β€” constructive arguments are encouraged, personal attacks are prohibited.

@Shawn Do you want everyone to feel safe on it?
Anyway, the "low" category was intentionally made broad, there's nothing wrong with it.

@CobaltVelvet that was the gentlest fav I could manage. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness :)

@CobaltVelvet tehee read the url as "instances.octodon.socialist" at first and I chuckled

@fallerOfFalls Oh, I saw that but didn't understand it yet. Good to know I should pay more attention to it!

@CobaltVelvet This is a great list, thanks a lot for that and for running this instance!

One detail: there are entries for both Mastodon.host and mastodon.host, they are same instance but with different moderation rules, so I guess one of them is wrong.

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