Oh I've been waiting for this.

Good time to recommend FastMail again, I use it for all my mail, personal and business. 50$/year, 2FA and no ads of course, good spam filter, custom domains and aliases (including wildcards), SMTP/IMAP with unique app passwords, good Android app.

It's a serious mail service and much more reliable and time saving than managing your own mail servers.

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@CobaltVelvet There are less expensive levels than the $50/year for personal accounts on one of Fastmail's domains. I have been a happy Fastmail user for a few years now.

@CobaltVelvet And wow, their privacy policy is really nice. Also looks like I would have more juridic protection by using them than my own or buddies server in France…

@CobaltVelvet maybe I should finally move my mail account. I'm still with gmail 🤔

@CobaltVelvet lovely. Now, if only it was a service *not* in a Five Eyes country.

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