personally i am for calling everyone who simply survives without an army of personal servants and workers a 'worker'. you don't get in this class by hitting steel in a factory, you leave it by owning people. the difference is critical


from this every disabled person is a worker. every queer weirdo is a worker. their work is survival in a hostile society

practically it Tracks : if you've ever been around trans or disabled people you know we do more for each other than the sum total of medical professionals in our lives

im sure i was paraphrasing marx or whoever again but i would rather reinvent the communist wheel every day than read a Book. as a little hobby

unasked for explanation 

@CobaltVelvet afaik for marx a worker is someone who holds labour power, so roughly speaking, workers are people who could shut down the economy by striking. which leads to bad takes like "sex workers aren't workers" (marx refered to them as the lumpenproletariat, basically proles with no revolutionary potential, because for marx revolutionary potential essentially comes from industrial labour). tl;dr the position you're criticizing is, to my understanding, dogmatic marxism

re: unasked for explanation 

@streetlite yea that makes sense

@CobaltVelvet something something same $5 passed around indefinitely between us all

@amberage i was mostly thinking about knowledge and technical ways to survive that medicine usually wont even consider , but that's also a very good point

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