web sites 

if i made a website with user profiles i would simply bring the old ~. everyone loves a ~ and it's literally one character short, not even requiring a slash after it. site dot com slash tidle username

re: web sites 

site dot com slash tilde username slash outbot dot json 😳

re: web sites 

society if i the mastodon

re: web sites 

@olamundo i mean the very old convention that they have also been following

re: web sites 

@CobaltVelvet I know the convention, I access university professors' webpages daily. I like the tilde too. Also, having folder structures and simple HTML+CSS pages.

web sites may i introduce you to the tildeverse
most of its members will give users /~username/, here's one of my sites

also yeah you know you're on a good site when it mentions a university name in the hostname and there's a ~ with someone's name

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