they keep picturing technology as things that happen instead of things we build

i can't believe we finally reached the Torment Nexus in the technology tree. let's build it!

this is a consequence of capitalism : the goal is money but we cant admit that. so we will just assume the Torment Nexus is the next technological step, that we just have to go through, instead of the bad choice of some greedy old piece of shit

sorry but turning white supremacy into an all powerful computer system is just the future
-- a rich old nazi in power

i hope she lets me torment her nexus 🤤​🥺​🥵​

@CobaltVelvet Torment Nexus is now unlocked. Please allocate your idle scientists to a new research option in the ABSOLUTELY NOT branch.

@CobaltVelvet in my book "don't fuck the torment nexus", i fucked the torment nexus as a cautionary tale

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