:Bhole: :saga: we now have pictures of two real black holes

honestly if it wasn't for uploading pictures of black holes as emojis as we discover them i probably would have left this place a long time ago

now the whole fediverse will adopt a new emoji and i will regret forever not to have cropped it by three pixels. as it should be

@CobaltVelvet 2 supermassive blackholes compacted into 1 toot. Computer are really changing the game

@melunaka @CobaltVelvet you can, but
a) if it's been used at all, other instances already cached an old version and may show it instead of the new one
b) anyone who uploaded the old version to their own instance won't get the update

@starfall @CobaltVelvet I’m not sure how b) is a big deal, if you can «fix» it on one instance it’s better than nothing.

Isn’t a) supposed to fix itself at some point, or is the cache infinite?

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