@CaribenxMarciaX I just checked it and holy shit, how did they fuck this up so hard??


@spacekookie @CaribenxMarciaX Eugen. it was literally modeled on twitter with the design goal of making it easier to the absent moderation on dot social. he doesn't care about anyone else

@spacekookie @CaribenxMarciaX note that the first option 'i don't like it' does absolutely nothing, because "some twitter users are older and need to be told that what they don't like shouldn't be reported". priorities


@CobaltVelvet @spacekookie @CaribenxMarciaX

lol. Does he still have just three of four moderators? I remember pointing out to him last year that he was understaffed and of course he didn't like that at all. Despite it being completely obvious.

Dude's up to his neck in donor money but sure. He can only afford three or four mods. How dare I question him ever!! 🖕

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