i love how the standard unix ./configure shit checks the size of every c type and that somze std functions exist because you have no guarantee that types even mean anything. it's a normal (unspecified) programming (unspecified) language (unspecified)


what's an int in c? could be anything
what's an size_t in c? could be anything
what's an uint8_t in c? could be anything
does strlen exist? lmao ask your compiler fucko



i'm compiling 'qt5 mingw static' and if you have any idea what it is you're probably screaming right now

happily surprised that there's an aur package for this. i'm installing it in a vm because it's a million build packages

all of this to build one (1) .exe that doesn't require 15 .dll around it

re: computers 

@CobaltVelvet pour du mingw-qt en cross comp j'ai utilisé a une époque pour m'éviter de me taper tout le build a la main


@CobaltVelvet i swear all the times i've ever attempted to get a 'theoretically supported' build for windows to work, i have ground to a halt when the build instructions mention that i must personally create files with names resembling "" and ""

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