i'm non binary (i dont actually enjoy programming)


i get actually mad when i hear that trans girls are computer nerds. like yes it's true and i fucking hate it actually. stop putting me in this box that i happen to mostly fit in. fuck

trans and a woman but suddenly not a trans woman anymore. do you like my magic trick

basically i'd like people to understand that computer skills all start with misguided children thrown into tech because it's the Thing To Do and there Will Be Jobs. we are not smart god fucking damn it

every trillion dumb computer trick that you have to remember to keep your fake jobs going is a form of brain rot that's rewarded with survival

sometimes, all the time, 'smart' and 'intelligent' and 'skilled' mean 'trained to repeat specific patterns', including confidence about those patterns. there is not solid core behind this except valuing already-had experience and eugenism maybe

i am a genious. i am extremely smart (instead of having a normal childhood and having friends i was autistically focusing on the machines around me for a complex pile of reasons) i am dumb as fuck (people will take one look at me and wonder what the fuck is this mess. how does it even survive)

i'm just watching weird dominoes between generations of parents and generations of children and we're all mentally ill

at least the capitalists trap themselves in the same hell and if anything are probably worse parents. on this election day i will rejoice on despair

@wxcafe pushing the boulder up the hill, away from computers, every day

@CobaltVelvet as an American I find the choice y’all seem to have between keeping things terrible or making things worse very relatable.

@CobaltVelvet I thought i got into computers because living in a body that other people could see was terrible and I wanted to be divorced from physical embodiment.

@alienghic ah that one too. what a promise. and what a disappointment to come for transhumanist cyberpunks and see a capitalist asking you to come to the office to ssh in a server

@CobaltVelvet @alienghic "You know what people want from virtual reality? Supermarkets, with real aisles. Virtual aisles. Whatever."

@eldaking @alienghic ohh i want awkward eye contact and people harassing me for my appearance. hell yea that's the future

@CobaltVelvet @eldaking

That's the future bosses want.

I think they love looking down at the minions toiling in the open office.

@eldaking @CobaltVelvet

The fantasies Emperor Z's is trying to conjure so as to keep the investors fat and happy is also so pathetically boring.

@CobaltVelvet it feels dehumanizing. like i can’t do computers because it’s my own thing

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