any employer that asks you to 'install' an 'app' should be legally required to provide you a work phone. what the fuck

either it's a work tool and it's free and you can put it in your fridge when you get home or it's not and they have no right on it. make up your mind

people keep interpreting this about software and privacy. it's not sorry this is exclusively about valuing workers time and their means to get a salary

@CobaltVelvet to this day i have won this fight for 6 years because i asked if they are paying for my data and they said no so i said no. Then they said i had to but i dont have knox or playstore so swworry i cant install maas360 lol

@CobaltVelvet also when covid first started they wanted us to leave our laptops at work and install this citrix client on our personal computers to remote in and probably track us. I asked for a debian 10 package and they said whats that lol

@CobaltVelvet Probably this problem should be approached in a more rights side of the issue. Most likely anyone who has enough leverage to force you to install an app for your livelihood can also ask for a OS change too. Practical and ethical stances get us so far as a class. I experienced the same and had to walk away from an interview. I saw a masters program on security and privacy is being delivered over Zoom without any alternatives. This will spread.

@CobaltVelvet Thanks for provoking this thought. I reviewed all the work stuff I have on my personal phone. Most is for convenience, but we have to use Duo for 2FA. I do have a work issued laptop. I think I'll request a Yubikey on Monday to remove that last dependency.

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