thank you gross archetypal linux nerd for this blog article barely good enough to copy paste a few lines out of. you're the cornerstone of

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bros are too good to write documentation. bros think docs are important, but they have to be illegible. bros analyze the work and produce blog articles about it.

@CobaltVelvet im an academic pl bro (female) so I just write super long microblog threads explaining stuff that's only incidentally relevant to the codebase and then end up too burned out to document the actual functionality

@syntacticsugarglider @CobaltVelvet Documenting the code in a chat on a Discord server is an option too (and apparently using Discord for Wikis is an actual thing nowadays and I even saw people advocating for it...)

@emilis @CobaltVelvet yeah it would, i don't really know why we haven't changed it
i feel like it's been discussed but i don't remember what the conclusion was

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