at least have some class when you're telling everyone to fuck off

for context this is a famous gargron quote, from the "should we have rich text" debacle

there really isn't much to take out of this than mastodon is 'whatever gargron wants' and he still doesn't seem to be aware that this is fucked up

@CobaltVelvet is this just an instance of people expecting open source is democratic because the same vaguely positive language is used to describe both open source and democracy

@scanlime no. it should be community lead because a community has been pouring work and dedication all over it and it's where it is right now because of it. actually what the fuck does democracy have to do with any of this

@CobaltVelvet it's pretty normal for open source projects to be effectively dictatorships

@scanlime yea, it's pretty normal, and it's also one of the reasons it's such a shithole and generally exclusive and unhelpful. libertarian dreams

@CobaltVelvet I agree it's basically useless but it's also the nature of it. Free software is not going to be any kind of worthwhile political project on its own.

@scanlime software has no nature. just apolitical opportunistic cowards in power

@CobaltVelvet seems like you're missing what I'm saying but also very unpleasant, bye

@scanlime yea bye. i don't really need someone to come up in my criticism and tell me it's actually the nature of how things are

@CobaltVelvet i'm not trying to say open source is innocent i'm saying it's useless and maybe don't expect it to do a thing that structurally it has never even attempted to do

@scanlime @CobaltVelvet you seem normal and smart and not at all like someone who rolls fully nude into people's mentions trying to prove they're wrong to not like something because it's impossible for things to get better

@scanlime speaking of unpleasant, that is what you're being. your beliefs are broken and yet you insist on spouting them where they are not welcome. @CobaltVelvet

@scanlime @CobaltVelvet Though sometimes projects are managed in such a way that they actually listen to issues and aren't a piece of shit about it. As if closed source software is any better.

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