devops tools make me want to put my head through a wall. the perfect point between over generalized and under generalized;, no not good i mean both at the same time,; oen cant even comprehend how wrong it is



the messier the ecosystem the more people we get to employ total so really who can say if it's a bad thing that 120% our work is towards rotating increasingly faster

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@CobaltVelvet it is really something. I have to assume the person who made that chart is really pleased by it and thinks it's a good thing. Maybe from a a full employment perspective it is???

re: computers, hot take 

@CobaltVelvet automation is good and useful but this shit is getting so complex that having something that works reliably is now a full-time job (you get another full-time job for the dev part)
so yeah as I said one person

I'm not against the concept but the state of the things
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