reworking a 'terms of service' page. might replace like ten paragraphs by three lines. does any of this matter. is any of this even relevant or actionable

if you say 'ask a lawyer' i'll block you. if you say 'ianal' i'll push without telling anyone else


i don't want to have legalese copy pasted terms of service anymore. i want to go minimalist fair-looking. i'm thinking both would have the same 0 value in court

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i think it's just one of those myths like 'copyright your website'. it doesn't work like that it just exists to give money to ip lawyers

anso don't fucking tell me an i p lawyer is not a kink thing

@CobaltVelvet it's so you pay a lawyer twice and it makes their job easier the second time around


How lawsuit happy is your country of residence?

If your legal system is reasonable, you could probably just use a short readable terms of service.

Partly lawyers like making hard to read terms to keep themselves in business, but also extra sections get added as people find new ways to cause trouble.

(There was some joke about you could tell how old a restaurant was by how many different signs were posted telling people to stop being annoying)

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