the solution to the government coming after you is not 'self hosting'. self hosting means the government will kick your ass instead of pressuring a business to do it for them

if protonmail has to bend whatever is left of their ethics be sure that if your name was on the server you would not be 'just fine' and defending human rights at your front door to a very receptive cop

@CobaltVelvet Non mais comme je suis vraiment pas matinal et que c'est pas pratique pour le boulot, je me suis dis que ce serait une bonne idée pour me faire réveiller à 6h du mat :blob_think_smart:


And this, in a nutshell is why I despise cryptocurrency on general principle.

@suetanvil @CobaltVelvet tho i think bittorrent or are much better types of decentralization..

No servers to take down, really. Like if you can set things up that if police take your device, it's a matter of getting people to invalidate the pubkey of that device and validating another one. Although i am not sure if it could be "jammed", suppose that never happened with Bittorrent.

It's even better if the network itself is in our own hands.

@CobaltVelvet exactly

What will you do when the gov will send you a letter asking to give them all your logs?

We are even more weak against it than big companies

@CobaltVelvet I really prefer to not outsource my privacy.

@j actually it's actively missing the point. replies like this ought to be shamed

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