that 'github copilot' get any interest at all simply shows that 'software engineering' is mostly about copy pasting repetitive bullshit to produce the millionth broken implementation that your employer has copyright on

so they put it all in a blender and hope people can't keep track of the copyrights. Solved

@CobaltVelvet i would attach every source character to a copyright so when the ML thing produces something it also produces an awful aggregate of copyrights, problem solved

then we can ban human developers because it's much harder to track copyright, and humans will be free of having to write buggy software forever

@CobaltVelvet I'd hate to be the person trying to debug any of this. It's hard enough debugging code you wrote, how are you going to understand all this random shit?

Yes they implepented a GitHub copilot but i know most people would better need a GitGud copilot.

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