should i make a web browser

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@CobaltVelvet Multiple choice, as in, you can make multiple choices, not as in, you are given multiple choices. What a confusing term

@CobaltVelvet could look at the and another one i forgot..

For missing for me, like a bunch of keybindings, would also kindah want uMatrix-like functionality, vimvixen follow buttons. Maybe some day i'll look at their code..

@CobaltVelvet Suckless surf could also a starting point, but it uses webkit2. Looked at it and found.. I should have mentioned the link to my toots on it in the notes... I left on there...

I was looking to add uMatrix-like functionality, i added some stuff to print out and added `resource_load_started`, `g_signal_connect(G_OBJECT(v), ..)`

..but found out that it is probably not possible to block arbitrarily. Wonder if that's an intentional choice on their part.

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